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Kartris is an open-source, ASP.NET 4.5 e-commerce system written in VB (Web Forms) and with an MS SQL database back end. It is optimized to handle sites with 1,000,000+ SKUs out-of-the-box, though it's simple and flexible enough for sites which just have a handful of products.

The latest version (v2.9) includes a fully-responsive front end based on Zurb's Foundation platform, enabling mobile and tablet support via a single unified front end.

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Mobile view   Mobile view

Custom product controls

Kartris has support for plug-in product configuration controls which developers can create in VB and easily incorporate into the site for certain products. For example, you could create a tool that can let a customer choose the height, width and thickness of material for a sign, choose the material and wording, and calculate a price in real time based on a lookup in a spreadsheet or an algorithm, and then add this customized item to the basket to be checked out and purchased like any other product (and together with other 'normal' products too). The system is completely flexible - all you need to do is to be able to configure a name, description (dimensions, options and so on), price and quantity to send to the basket and Kartris will take care of the rest.

Back End

There is a fully-featured back end to control all aspects of the store. It includes a unified search, treeview navigation and is optimized to handle hundreds of orders per day and a million-plus products.

Kartris back end


Kartris is built on a multi-tier model, with database, stored procedures, DAL, BLL and front end. Visual customization is via 'skins', a combination of master pages and CSS. The database is structured with no limit on the number of languages or currencies that can be used. The database has been optimized so that the software is capable of running stores with well over a million SKUs out-of-the-box. The back end has been refined to handle hundreds of orders per day, and to make managing huge catalogues feasible.


Kartris was previously only available on a proprietary license. From v2 onwards, it is available under both the GPL v2 and the Kartris Commercial License (proprietary).

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