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Kartris v2.9001 beta

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Released: Sep 25, 2015
Updated: Sep 25, 2015 by Kartris
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Source Code Kartris v2.9001 beta
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Release Notes

v2.9001 beta

  • Fixed shipping/checkout issue
  • Improved media system, support for full screen videos (including back end preview)

v2.9000 beta

This contains a large number of small improvements as well as a fairly major rewrite of some underlying code.

New/updated Features
  • Major refactoring and rewrite of BasketBLL (thanks to Craig at for his excellent work on this)
  • Replaced large image popups with Foundation 'Clearing' lightbox for bigger images and cleaned up imageviewer code a lot as a result
  • Improved the media gallery support, now can name files/links, better layout and icons - support for zip and URL types added
  • New Paypal DLL (, this separates shipping/handling costs and order value components so they show separately at Paypal
  • Paypal settings in Kartris now include URLSandbox, in addition to URL - this lets you hold both the live and sandbox processing URLs, the Paypal component will use the sandbox one for TEST mode, and the live one for orders when ON
  • GP Webpay payment gateway added
  • Back end payment gateway list now shows the DLL version number in listing, this will help clarify which DLL is installed for support and upgrading purposes
  • Minor change to chkOrderEmails, set to n when frontend.checkout.ordertracking is set off so no ordertracking option shown to customer
  • Support for siterooturl tag in callback templates, added 2co template that calls back and redirects back to Kartris checkout complete page.
  • Redirect back to page after login if private web site hit on a product or other URL
  • Updated UPS DLL, uses known path to XML lookup instead of reflection, this way the names of UPS shipping types show instead of codes
  • Added product.asp, page.asp handles forwarding CactuShop URLs to Kartris to preserve SE behaviour on upgraded sites
  • 404 handler updated to handle redirecting cactushop product and category URLs to the new Kartris ones. Page.asp added to do same for custom pages
  • Added .axd http handlers to robot.txt, these seem to get hit and generate a lot of pointless errors in logs
  • Show an error message if the estimate shipping had an issue with the address
  • Improved 'call for price' display and handling
  • Added property to simple catmenu control to specify number of levels
  • Item sorter - change how items are renamed to allow for files that were not originally added via Kartris back end
  • Made back end custom pages control more resilient to imported data with date formatting function. Also introduced new category menu simple control to use on off-canvas menu in skin.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where foreign language strings for promotion parts longer than 50 chars crash edit promotion page
  • Fixed 404 showing over malformed page on categories and products that are turned off, now use server.transfer to the 404
  • Truncate meta description to 160 chars, as SEs rarely read more
  • Now round amount to two decimal places prior to sending to Paypal, otherwise can get wrongly formatted amounts with too many decimal places if amount is converted to base currency prior to going to gateway
  • Fixed heading issue for rows in order history where price-tax shows instead of just price when not showing tax
  • Fixed item price display per row for ex tax items
  • Error with paths as spotted by Supermac Topic3858.aspx on Kartris forum
  • Fixed issue where dates in not English cultures could cause page to crash
  • Commented out code that passes zero priced orders as PO, suspect this is triggering falsely in some cases
  • Some orderby fields changed to smallint (from tinyint); imports from CactuShop where sort values could be higher than 255 were problematic because of this
  • Updated some placeholder config settings that should appear boolean with choice dropdown in admin interface
  • Fixed some placeholder issues to ensure category image DIV does not remain if no image and placeholder not set on
  • Fixed issue where shipping did not recalculate if qty in basket changed at checkout
  • Fixed issue where editing an attribute that had Google Feed checked did not show that box as checked when loading
  • Fixed attribute compare bug (smallint P_ID)
  • Fix for empty string attributes
  • Fix if no attributes to exclude
  • Fixed checkout issue with PO field not showing when required

Still pending before full version:
  • Improved default skin with better support for devices with medium sized screens (i.e. tablets)
  • Upgrade to Foundation 6, if released soon enough

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